Larger projects typically draw on many of our capabilities. Smaller projects may need just one.


  • Opportunity identification and validation
  • Market segmentation, sizing, forecasting & modeling
  • Competitive analysis. Creating sustainable barriers.
  • Customer needs assessment & product feedback
  • Adoption rate assessment of products & technology
  • Business ecosystem & whole product analysis
  • Marketing analytics, data mining, predictive models
  • Industry maps
  • Partnering—strategy, identification & negotiation
  • Channel strategy, channel models & sales metrics


  • Communications strategy & implementation
    • Product & marketing collateral
    • Fundraising & company positioning materials
    • Evangelization of technology & products
    • Regulatory changes, stakeholder processes
    • Product specs and standards documents
  • Authoring articles, presentations, position papers, conference papers (including ghostwriting)
  • Board materials and reports


  • Competitive analysis of disruptive technologies
    • Strategies for making disruptive tech. pervasive
    • Strategies for defending against disruptive tech.
  • Product planning—capabilities, architecture, specs
  • Development strategy, timetables, budgets
  • Technology assessments and forecasts
  • Technology licensing (in & out). Make-buy analysis.
  • Technology reach—Standards activities and drafts; APIs


  • Capitalization analysis / equity dilution analysis Term sheet analysis; value of each deal point
  • Pro-forma financials & economic models
    • Departmental budgets; cost of sales
    • Income stmts., balance sheets, cash flow stmts.
    • Fundraising needs, timing of rounds, sources
  • Scenario planning, risk analysis, contingency plans
  • Finding scalable, capital efficient business models
  • Benchmarking key metrics vs. similar companies
  • Special purpose entities & project financing models
  • Fundraising pitches & due diligence materials