Strategy + Implementation


Our first differentiation is deep experience in all three areas of technologies, markets and finance. This allows us to deliver an integrated strategy spanning these areas.

Our second differentiation is that we provide both strategy and implementation. We deliver the ideas, and we deliver the results.

In some cases, clients are seeking new growth markets for their existing technologies and products, perhaps to pivot direction.

In other cases, clients want growth from existing customers and markets through product line expansion, operational innovations, partnering, licensing or acquisitions. 

With many clients, their business environment is undergoing disruptive changes, often from the strategic moves of competitors. We help clients turn disruptive threats into growth opportunities.

Our goal throughout is to provide clients with dramatic, profitable growth that is both capital efficient and protected by sustainable competitive barriers.

Our projects often include development of compelling business plans, which win funding from Boards and venture capital firms.

We often take an interim executive role during our projects. We have managed large in-house teams to deliver results.